The value of a girl’s heart (post-valentine note, unedited.. im sleepy)

How much does your heart worth?

Is it worth a text message? Or a bunch of flowers? A walk at the park? a dinner at a restaurant? A talk overnight?

How often do you give that heart to someone?

What does it cost for a man to win your heart?

Does falling inlove a thing that takes time to get into or do you come there easily?

Truth is your worth or the value of your heart doesn’t depend on anything. Your worth doesnt depend on your past either. You may have given your heart many times but the love of God can cover over multitudes of wrongs. Your worth depends on how God sees you, for it is God who gives you an the identity even if you  have done stupid decisions and mistakes. Your worth doesnt depend on the words of other people. The only thing that can define how precious you are is the blood of JESUS. So you cannot say a failed love story, a heartache or any hurtful past can make your value less. We may have failed many times but when we come to God in repentance we are renewed and restored.  It doesnt matter if we’ve gone far or we just took a short distance. Any other identity that is not Christ-like is a lie. That also makes an identity that is just based from people, an illusion.

The sweetest word or gesture from a guy cannot equal God’s love for you. If you value that more, you see yourself less. If Christ s your security, you know that you have the highest form of love. And when you have His love you will feel secure. You will have the Joy that no affection from someone could ever replace.  Know yourself and your worth and you wouldn’t settle for less. You have to accept the fact that you are special.


please be careful with that heart.

(cheers to all the ladies out there.)

xxcheers pero juice lang. haha




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