Into the streets of Davao (sowing seeds)

Last night I and some friends went to some streets in Davao to pray. You see, I have really great friends. They are really fun to be with and really passionate about the Lord. I have been with them for two years since I started attending my current church.  My friends are really crazy people. I mean, they laugh really hard and do crazy stuffs. But they are also lovers of God’s presence, bold about the gospel and consider themselves as sons and daughters of the Father.Lately, after getting busy with some ministries in the church we had time time to hang out and talk about what God is speaking to us recently. We talked about the transition that is happening about our spiritual family. From just simply sharing the gospel to people, we are now witnessing miracles, signs and wonders happen performed by the Lord through ordinary members of the church. We also talked about pursuing the culture of honor.  And just recently, we started to just have dreams about our city. (I’m gonna be claiming it though I am not originally from here. It is because this city is the Lord’s and I am His daughter. I am part of God’s Kingdom. This city is part of His Kingdom.)

This is how crazy we could get when we are together.

Seriously, we looked better here.

In the book of Genesis at chapter 28, when Jacob was on his way to Paddan Aram, he camped for a night at a place called Luz. While sleeping, he dreamed of a stairway reaching through the sky and saw angels going up and going down on it. He woke up and realized that God was on that place. He got the stone he was using as his pillow, anointed it with oil and called the place “Bethel”(God’s house).

Now, in that passage in the bible, Jacob said that God was on that place and he didn’t know . It’s scary when God is in a place and we Christians don’t have any idea that God is there. I remember a pastor saying that there are places on earth wherein the presence of God is just naturally there. Angels ascend and descend from heaven to perform their tasks on that place. As far as I could remember, I’ve been hearing the same things from conferences that I’ve attended regarding this city. Prophets, pastors and leaders from many places, even from other countries have been saying that there is going to be a revival in Davao City. It’s gonna be so strong that people from here are gonna be sent out to other nations. God is going to work supernaturally with so much signs, wonders and miracles. It’s gonna start here and spread all over Mindanao and spread all over the Philippines. (goosebumps right now.. while thinking about it:)

This is the city hall of Davao. This is where we went to pray. We didn’t go inside just infront of it. I believe this is also the same place where those prayer warriors prayed few years back.

Davao is a chosen city. From then God has been working here. Well don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean God isn’t working in other places but  I believe Davao itself has a special calling as a center of revival. Davao is going to be an epicenter of a spiritual quaking, disposing the kingdoms of darkness and the works of the enemy.  I’ve been hearing stories of people from long ago experiencing God’s supernatural love just being poured out to many people and churches. I’ve heard stories of churches gathering together and working as one. One of my favorite was the story of faithful people praying together in San Pedro street. While praying a bomb was thrown at them. And of course, because God protects His people, the bomb didn’t explode. (astig no?) 

And what happenedto that revival? I don’t know. Ask Satan. He is the one to blame. Always.

So, what happened that night? We just walked around the San Pedro street while praying and declaring things. I don’t actually know the name of the other streets around.As I have said, I am not originally from here.  I just know San Pedro Street maybe because of the big church in there and it is where the offices of the government officials are located. (perfect place for prayer, isn’t it?)

I want those things to happen one more time. And EVEN MORE. (I’m not talking about the bomb thingy. Well if I’d experience that, it’d be cool. o_O ) I want to see that PROMISE OF REVIVAL happen in my time. One of the pastors in my church said it is already taking place. I agree with that. I for one was even a part of a campus revival.I am happy it is starting in my time and I am very excited for what is gonna happen next.  We may not be experiencing the peak of it yet but I know we are getting there.

So what are we believing for? I have mentioned above about revival but I just want to be specific with a few things.

1. We want to see the people of this city and the people of this nation to turn back to GOD. We want everyone to have a realtionship with the Father.

2. We want to see the BODY  OF CHRIST united and working together. You see, unity among churches is important. For years churches have been busy with their own agendas. I believe we cannot go up unless we help others up. We may be unique in our cultures but our purpose is only one, that is to live for GOD. A body should work together as one. The body should not be divided against eacht other. We only have one GOD and I believe it pleases HIM to see us just love each other, encourage one another and share the strengths that we have to all. No more of the boundaries and differences. Satan has been so succesful in dividing us.

3. We want to see the supernatural ways of GOD happen in the city. We want it to be natural. Isn’t it great when the all of God’s children would just do healings, signs and wonders?

4. We want to see revivals services in the streets. Especially the place where we prayed. It’s been like a hub for dating couples, prostitutes, gangsters and many others. Why not have healing services? Like when people would hear the great things that God is doing in this city and they would just come here, bring their sick, get filled up by the HOLY SPIRIT, encounter JESUS.. (awesome!)

5. I’ve been told by God just now, He wants Davao to be a place of love. Where people are just freely loving one another. You know the reason why  God is performing isn’t to let people know that He can perform cool things and all that. The reason for every miracle is LOVE. He does those things, simply because He loves the poeple. He wants people to love HIM and love the people around them. You know the type whenever someone steps in to this city he/she would just feel the atmosphere of LOVE.

6.We want campus revivals! It is about time that the Christian youth take over the campuses. Just boldly sharing the love of God, doing miracles, signs and wonders. It’s about time that the youth pursue the Kingdom culture. No more compromise. Preparing the generations ahead.

7.  We want righteous leaders to lead the nations. I believe the biggest sphere for influence is when you are in a position of leadership. So it would really be great if we have Christian leaders. Wether we have the same and they just get to know the Lord or we have an election and we appoint Christians in the government, we don’t know. It is up to God.

8. We want a sustained revival. We want it to happen and LAST.

Those are just what I can remember so far. If you are able to read this and God speaks to you about another thing then that would be great. You can pray for that too. It’s fun to talk to our DADDy in heaven and listen to His plans here on earth and declare it. Let the Kingdom of JESUS come as it is in heaven.

 We aren’t trying to be spiritual heroes or what. we just want to pray. We love this city. It is God’s so it is ours. Remember, we are co-heirs of Christ. I may not be a pastor by title or a pastor that has a big congregation, I won’t even wait for that to happen for me to do something about this thing I am dreaming. Call me a dreamer, and yes I am. (Naman!) I want to take part not just in winning souls and making disciples but  in prayer. I believe one of the reasons why I am here is that somebody prayed for me. I believe in the power of prayer. I and my friends believe in the power of prayer. Prayers are like seeds. You plant seeds, you reap a harvest at the proper time. Until when are we gonna do that? We don’t know but we will keep pushing and pushing until something happens. We will take part in prayer. I believe prayers are gonna prepare this city for that PROMISED REVIVAL. “according to your faith will it be done for you”, remember?




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