Simple but not Plain (Beauty and Character, Fashion and Confidence)

I am Cess and I love to dress up and have fun. I love clothes, shoes, make-up and all these kinds of things. I love to look at beautiful girls who knows how to do their own style and walk in confidence. I admire those who have a very good fashion sense yet stays modest. But I am amazed by those who look beautiful in the outside but looks more beautiful in the inside. I am just your typical girl. I consider myself simple, but I am not plain.

Beauty and confidence are two very important things for me. There are a lot of beautiful girls that are not confident and you know, the other way around. (haha..:p)

Well, let us talk about beauty and character first.

Growing up, like ordinary girls do, I also have to deal with the issues like, I don’t have the perfect skin, I don’t have the perfect set of teeth, I don’t have the perfect body shape, you know, stuffs like that. Things that make me feel unpretty. And the more I focus on my imperfections, the more I feel ugly. So, I thought that make-ups ,beautiful dresses and shiny-shimmering fancy bags, shoes and accessories could be the remedy. Shopping became a habit. An addictive habit. I even came to a point which I would lie so that I’d have a bigger allowance.

This world has it’s own standards. You look at the billboards, magazines, the televesion and in the movies, you see flawless, skin-so-perfect, beautiful people. That is how the world defines beauty. And sadly, most girls imitate them. We imitate them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to become beautiful and joining the trend. But sometimes we copy too much we forget we are unique. We focus too much on the outward appearance, we forget that, that does not talk about the whole package. It is just a percentage of the whole criteria.

What’s inside of you is more important than what  people see outside. (I know gasgas na to.. blah blah..) But I have learned this important thing from the Lord, that people may notice how I look for a moment but it is my character that defines me.  We may attract people with how we look but people will love us for our character. I could wear a nice dress and look beautiful, the next day wear something again and not be approved but people won’t care with what I wear if my character outweighs my appearance.


I remember how I would dress to impress in the past. It would take hours for me to get away from the mirror and only to find out at the end of the day, I was not actually comfortable with what I was wearing, somebody did not like my outfit, somebody wore the same clothes I was wearing (I think this is the worst part.) or I liked somebody’s outfit more and I wished I was wearing it. I love to dress up but I’ve been set free from the thought that my beauty depends on that.

I  love being simple but I can’t stay plain. I am open for suggestions, comments and recommendations. :p I know I have my own style but there are just times when they would just turn out “epic fails”. You know the feeling like when you go out and people tell you you have the wrong color combination and your outfit does not suit the environment. When I remember those, I would just laugh. And besides, God deserves my best. I know I can’t just wear jeans and shirts all the time. I have a loving Father up there who loves to see me at my best and improve what He has given me.


I remember Lisa Velthouse saying, we actually don’t have the most beautiful friends in the world. ( I mean my friends are really beautiful but they aren’t the supermodel type or the actress type. Though some of them feel like it.. ooops) But  they are our friends. When we see them, we don’t look at what kind of clothes they are wearing. We just love them for who they are and then we have fun. That also goes with us. Girl, you don’t have to have the perfect beauty. You just need to love yourself and be happy. Believe me, I’ve seen happy people that look really beautiful with their smiles on.

You don’t have to have to catch the attention of everybody when you go out. When a girl gets conscious with how she looks and get limited by that, people notice it. Also, being comfortable is a big factor. I’d rather go out wearing something I am comfortable with than go out and wear something that limits my movements.

And I’m gonna talk about another thing too. Something I know that has to do much with confidence.

It feels great when someone notices us, right?. C’mon let’s be honest.

But impressing the opposite sex should not be our motivation. I don’t like the idea that a guy only likes me because I look good. That the first reason he wants to date me is because he thinks I’m beautiful or sexy . How shallow is that! I don’t think a relationship like that would last. And what about if you’ve been trying to look beautiful and still not get noticed by that guy?

I would always remind myself with this thought, someone is meant to see that beauty in me. Someone is meant to appreciate my smile, my gestures, the kind in which I would be an effortless beauty in his eyes. Someone who finds me attractive even though I am not at my best. He will see me as God sees me because God has opened his eyes, only for me. If the guy you like does not see you that way, then I am sorry to tell you he is not the one. Good news is, you will have someone like that. If not now, then in the future.

To sum these things up, the thing that counts most for me  is my relationship with God. I am formed in his image and likeness, so there is no doubt that I am beautiful. (haha..:D) Well, you are too.  I delight in His love for me. The world may see my flaws but in His presence there is no standards required. And you know what, I feel most beautiful when I am intimate with the LORD🙂

“How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh how beautiful! Your eyes are doves”.- Song of songs 1:15




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