Love on the air and Why I’m Staying Single 1

Please read first.

Don’t misunderstood the title up there. That’s not forever.


I know it isn’t February and you may be thinking it is too early or too late to be writing this blog. But as we all know, love as the topic will always be in season and will always be a favorite. I just had this in mind to write about real-ationships, the ones that  I have and singlehood. Singlehood is also a part of  LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.  Since it is a process to getting there. It is the starting point. Nobody is born married. Im joking. :p

Just last month I went to a friend’s wedding.  I was kinda excited since the couple is both very dear to me. But at the same time I and my close friends were getting nervous. We can’t help but tease about who’s next since the bride is just the same age as we are. One friend is also getting married this year and the other one, the most unexpected one, is in a relationship. In our culture, whoever gets the bouquet is believed to be the next in line. (Good thing, that’s not true.)  And just so perfect, I got the flowers. How’s that? :p

with Tads and Faith during the wedding..

When I was young , my parents were so scared that I might get into  many relationships and get married early. But when they noticed their suspicions weren’t getting anywhere, they were relieved. When I was in college and they learned I was still single (as to their knowledge, that is..), they got curious. Few years passed and I still am, they got nervous again. My classmates and friends were also developing and maturing (if there is such a word) in the area of emotions, they say. From one relationship to another, they have experienced a lot. So they encourage me to have one too. That encouragement didn’t stop. Whenever we have reunions with friends, I would always be single. Last few years I was, last year I was. Next year maybe, I would still be.  For what reason I have, THE LORD KNOWS.

I’m almost 24 and my age is close to getting married. Even If I deny it, I know in this season of my life, I should be considering (not the guy, I mean the thought of getting married, hehe), I should be preparing and pray-paring for it. In this season also, the pressure is on the rise because of the friends who pressure. So now what, I’m peer-pressured, I’m gonna go get myself a boyfriend?  That easy? No, of course. I, even am not feeling it that way because I soooo love the fact that I am single. I delight, rejoice, jump around of the fact that I am free and I am able to do beautiful things before I get tied up.

No, I am not an anti-relationship, love-antagonist-human-being. You see, we have choice. Choosing to be single was not overnight. It was a process, a continuous process. It was a covenant. I understand that I have to be wise for whatever my choices will be. And I choose a relationship that means FOREVER.

Also, there are things that I realized since I kissed dating goodbye. And up until today they are still the same reasons, I’ve been holding on.  I’ve focused more to my relationships with my loved-ones and I loved it.

I was born not close to my dad. I wasn’t sweet to him. We were not raised that way but since I knew the Lord and accepted His love for me, I have found it easier to love my earthly father. Choosing to not be in a relationship with another man, except my dad, brought restoration to us. He loved me more. He trusted me more. Other girls, were out dating at night but he knew, I wasn’t because all throughout the years I’ve spent more time with him. One time I told him, that he will always be my only boyfriend unless I get married. And that made him happy. If I get married, I’m gonna be married for the rest of my life. It means, lesser time for my family (sad.. 😦 ) So now that I am single, I’m gonna try to love them more each day. I’m sorry to say, but I believe most of those who engage in early relationships have lacked time for their families. And that is why I am writing this blog. And that is what I am encouraging you. SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES. Maybe, they missed you already.

Second, I found joy in being single because I found joy in my relationship with the LORD. This is actually the most important. Everyone should live a life intimate with the GOD. You can have a relationship with someone and love the Lord at the same time but in my understanding, you can’t do it fully when your heart is set to another love of your life. In my case, I am enjong a daily life fully devoted to the LORD. And when I get to know Him more, the more I fall inlove with HIM. This does not talk about ministry, it is another thing. I’m talking about real intimacy, spending every moment of my life inlove with no one but my FIRST LOVE. I know, HE wants me. I know He wants singleness of heart. This is the price I have to pay. The price for intimacy. That if you want to be intimate with God, you have to love Him first. You have to make your heart a sacrifice at His altar.

As I said earlier, I also get to enjoy and do beautiful things, aside from loving my family and loving God, I also get to pursue my passion without limitations. I serve God and do ministry and go places and minister. I’ve seen God move in the lives of people, sick people healed, sinners come to God, and God disposing the kingdom of darkness. ANd I want more. I know, I would miss  those amazing times, if I was with someone.

I wouldn’t care to trade my happiness, if it would mean another great moments with my family, knowing God more and seeing more souls saved. I’d live only once and I’m gonna have a meaningful life.

These are my source of happiness and throughout the process, I dont need a guy beside me to be happy. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Love on the air and Why I’m Staying Single 1

  1. Wow! I’m proud of u priceless Princess; that makes the two of us. I mean am single and simply devoted to God and making impact the glory of His name. I realy love this, pls keep it up! One thing I know for sure is that we cannot lack our mate, our prince charming; the one God has prepared and designed for us and HE will make all things beautiful in its time.. Love sweet sis. Cess.

  2. That’s very true Cess. I believe what Joyce Meyer said about ‘patience being the ability to maintain the right atitude while waiting.’. And I also believe that maintaining purity,joy ,upgrading of ones knowledge for an impacful life(living while single,is a most rewarding way of generating power for the next prepared level (one of which is marriage).

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