Hope’s up Nak!

I’m battling with something right now.

These are times that I feel sorry and ashamed before God because I can’t seem to win and I can’t seem to learn the lesson. I am scared I feel like I a little child wanting to say, “Sorry Dad. I am so slow to getting your point. I am sorry I am not that strong to win this. I am sorry I am scared”.

But today I happen to read this passage..

I realized that..

GOD is a stage Father. 🙂 

When we are going through something He is more patient than we are with ourselves. He waits for us to go through the process of learning and overcoming. It is not like He is mad coz we can’t move on and overcome. He actually wants us depend more on Him. We have God as our best encourager. If we would perform on a stage, God would clap and cheer the loudest! He is not mad at you coz you are weak. He understands and helps you while you are weak. Truth is, the battle’s been won already. Just needs a little participation from you.

From me. I almost forgot I’m talking about myself too.

Cheer Up! Life is good. God is good.


prinCESS ❤


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