Lessons on Purity 1: RESIST

Are you having a hard time getting over something?

Do you go around the bush all the time?

Are you seeing yourself stucked in the same struggles?

Have you ever felt so strong and then suddenly felt weak when around someone or something?

If one of the things mentioned above checks you then this one is for you. This is actually very simple. Really basic but very difficult to follow.

Remember when we were young and we see fire. What does mom usually tell us?


“Never play with fire.”

And so, what are you doing near the fireplace?

You don’t wanna fall down to the cliff, right?  Then what are you doing near the edge of it?

Playing with temptations is deadly. That when you bite into it, its like a vaccuum taking all your strength and leaving you weak and sometimes lifeless. No one is actually good at this. We are all human beings with weaknesses but if you are someone having a hard time at something,







Don’t give the devil a  foothold.

Those who get over and move on easily are those who are far from the things that tempt them.



“I don’t like heights so I stay away from cliffs. Consequently, I don’t fall off them.”

-from Jeremy Riddle on Twitter.





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