The strongest man in the world.

The strongest man in the world, I know who he was.

He could carry the heaviest things. He could run so fast that he could even outrun everybody else. He was so brave that he could tame big animals. He could even kill snakes. I saw him did it! And it was really awesome! The strongest man in the world has the biggest voice I ever knew that he would scare me to death when he is mad. He was one of the tallest man I have ever seen. He could even hold me up and carry other people too.

The strongest man in the world. His presence brought security. Whenever he’s around it was an assurance, nothing bad’s gonna happen. The strongest man in the world has power over people. But he helped them too. They loved him for he worked really hard and he shared what he had. He was a superhero.

The strongest man in the world has a family.

I was his daughter.

When I was a little kid, I thought my father was the strongest, the bravest, the tallest, the most powerful and the kindest that I would often boast about him to my friends. “Wala kayo sa tatay ko..”, sounds familiar? I think everyone of us who grew up with a father around thought the same. Because we were so little and we grew up with a man beside us who taught us everything and guided us all the way while we were growing up. I was so amazed with his every move, I thought it was the best. Until I grew up, and I realized the other kids have fathers too. And they were also strong, also brave, also tall.. etc.

I love being a child. I love it when I get what I want. I love it when dad would carry me and put me up and make me sit at the back of his neck. I felt taller. I love pretending to be asleep every night after watching tv and then no sooner the magic happens, I was in the room and laid in the bed. Dad carried me though he knew I was faking it. And thinking that these things would never happen again was one of the things that was the hardest to let go of. I have to accept the fact that dads grow old and kids grow up. Dad and I couldn’t do it together now. He’s turning 7o, I’m turning 24.

And these all I started to realize when he got sick. So sick, he could barely move his body that time. He was so scared, he thought he was going to die. I never thought superheroes could get sick too. And that dads are scared of things. That my dad was scared to die. So I got disappointed. My father turned me off. Then I thought, nothing lasts forever. Fathers won’t last forever.

It was difficult to see that strong man in the sick bed. He recovered of course but he was a different man after that. But I loved him more. Things weren’t the same, but I still have a father. Not the strongest anymore, he never was, but this time I was viewing him in a different perspective. I am not a kid anymore. My amusement for things doesn’t depend on actions anymore. I’ve grown up and so are the feelings I have for my father.

One of the most important relationship that I have in the world is the relationship I have with my dad. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t perfect. As a matter of fact, there were times when he would often come home drunk and would often hit me if I do stupid things. Thank God he changed! Yes, he was strong, he was brave and so on. But there were times I’d wish I have a different father. He was a nice man but I wasn’t contented. I admired my dad but I wasn’t raised closed to him because he was often out at the fields working. I just realized how important he was when I came to know the Lord. Made me realized God wasn’t jealous I have an earthly father. Well, He had too.

When Jesus came into my life the first thing that was fixed was the relationship I have with my father. I hated him all throughout my younger days, hoping I have a better father though I was a fan of him when I was little. But the moment I realized how much God loves me, I shared it to him and from then on, our relationship changed. I learned to respect him. Give him back the honor that was lost because of disappointments and tell him my secrets as well.

And now, the strongest man in the world is old. Not the strongest man anymore. I have already grown up and I saw much more stronger men than he was (neighbors, friends, Manny Pacquiao, Ufc fighters..just sayin.) I was fooled. It was because I was so small and he was so big. I felt sorry for that, I never thought I’d grow up too. He couldn’t put me to bed and carry me because he is too old and too weak. But we would talk about things in the world and have these little talks about his conditions. Old people needs someone to listen to them you know. They talk a lot. 🙂

Now it was the other way around.

He would share his feelings and I would be his adviser, encouraging him to the best I can at the weakest moments he has. One of my favorite moments was when he mentioned his fear of dying too soon and not seeing us get successful with our careers. I told him, “You can’t die yet. You still have to walk me to the aisle on my wedding day”. He laughed but I meant it. It was faith.

I have to live far away because of work but everyday God would remind me how great my father was and blessed I am to be his daughter. God would always remind me to reach out to him. But when it comes to communication, dad does it better than I do.:D Dad would be my textmate, got more minutes or load than I have. He would call me almost everyday and check on me. He isn’t the “I love you nak. I miss you”-type of father. He is actually the, “Hello. Kumusta na? Okay. Bye.”-one. But I can tell he misses me because he does it almost everyday. I am his favorite daughter ( He has three other daughters. No offense to my sisters. This is faith, once again. Haha..) God loves him so much and so God would remind me to pray for him and to love him and to do favors for him so that I wouldn’t regret anything because superheroes might be tough, but they need love too. And also God would tell me to marry a man that has the good characteristics my father has.

(He doesn’t have to kill a snake of course.. o_O)


I love you papang.

happy Father’s day.


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