Your One True Love <3

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”- Proverbs 18:22

When I think about true love, I think about a birthday party. During that party, I see God giving me a big present put in a beautiful box.My birthday should only come once a year that is why I have to wait for that big day to come to finally receive and open the gift. It isn’t like a gift under a christmas tree that could stay there for days that I could almost take a sneak peak and find spots on the box so that I’d have an idea of what’s inside. The birthday present comes only during the birthday, the appointed time.

As birthdays dont happen everyday, True Love doesn’t happen over and over again. He/she should only come once in your life because God doesn’t have options. It is not like, if this one doesn’t work, he’s gonna give you another one. You may had choices but He didn’t. When He created you, He has only one  person in mind for you.

True Love is God’s idea. I believe He is also excited for it as we are. He creates the person for you, molds you both, prepares everything, plans for the place and time which you will meet, waits for that time (How can we not wait when God even waits for it?), then sets you up as friends without you knowing that you are meant for each other, make you fall inlove with each other, get kilig while looking at you from heaven and says, “Gees, I’m soo good at writing love stories.” , helps you plan for your wedding, opens the storehouses of heaven for the provisions, appoints His creative angels to help you with planning, cries with you while you are reciting your vows and finally, stays with you during the ever after stage.

The verse up there doesn’t say “He who has a wife..”, instead it says “He who finds a wife..” which means it talks about the process of falling inlove with the right one. Of course, falling inlove with the right one means being together for the  rest of your lives. When you fall inlove with the right one, you got the ”wife one”. But how do you know it is true? How do you know you know it’s leading towards ever after?

First I’ll say, its from God when it is PURE.

I remember a friend once said, it’s true love when it makes you fall inlove with God more, when it doesn’t get in the way in your realtionship with the Father. It’s pure when you don’t have to hide anything. It’s pure when there aren’t any pretensions. It’s pure when God talks about it, not you forcing it.

Second, it’s from God when it’s constructive.

True love is a gift. Agift is meant to make you happy, meant to bless your life, especially when the giver is God. I remember the same friend saying, “It’s also true love when you know your priorites and you pursue them.” It is true love when it doesn’t get in the way with what God is doing in your life. No matter how your love story may go, it’s of God when it points to God and gives Him glory. It cannot be from God when it takes you far from God.

In the book of Genesis, God called Eve “a suitable partner” for  Adam. She came as a helper. She came as a blessing in his life. I believe that lovelife isn’t a priority. You weren’t created to pursue lovers or chase happiness in the form of relationships (as some are in the habit of doing.) It’s a gift.

When Eve came, days didn’t just became brighter for Adam, life also became easier.(It’s not that easy naming animals, you know… It’s a brain-draining activity.) I believe life became so much fun when they started to work together, except when the snake got in the way.

I believe when the right time comes, God doesn’t just give you a gift in the form of true love, He also favors your life. He gives you favors one after another. I’m not good at this. I am just writing because of a revelation I have received while spending time with God. But taking from the people who’ve already been there, they said they felt a different kind of happiness, God changed their characters, they became better people and they fell inlove with God more. I hope you get the point that at the appointed time, when you are inlove and it favors everything that you are, you know you’ve find the “wife one”.

#to those who have received the gift, happy birthday! To us who haven’t, we’ll get there.

Cheers, to those who know how to wait!

with prayers to those who’ve read this,



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