Generation Next

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here and I am thankful for those who’ve read my blogs. I just wanna share the things God has been teaching me lately.

I get the chance to teach the leadership training we have in church. We usually talk about leadership skills and discipleship trainings. With these kinds of topics, I also get the chance to be taught by God and realize on things that He has been telling me. Lately, God has been impressing to me the journey that I had with him. To look back and see how my life changed through the lives of people whom He used to bless my life. I know this is really simple but it just came to me that “Discipleship is influence.” Who you influence, you disciple.

Truth is everybody has influence. You can’t live on this planet and not influence someone. Even the most quiet person has influence over someone. We can influence even in the slightest possible way. An example would be, the company of friends sharing the same interests. Friends don’t share the same things right away. Someone could have introduced something to someone.

I used to be into pop music when I was growing up but when I was 16 I started hanging out with friends who introduced me to rock and alternative. After that, I could just listen to those kinds of music all day far from the boy-band craze that I grew up with. Not just that, I found black cool. I would wear black skirts and black shirts. Even my sense of fashion changed. I even thought of getting myself a tattoo. And that I thought too, was cool.

You see, influence could come in many forms and they act in just about every way. Some of them you like and some of them—you don’t.

When we I was young, I was a little lazy.  Really lazy actually not just little. Haha.. When mom would tell me to do something, I’d do either of these two things. I would pretend to be asleep or pretend to do another thing.  And since I have a younger sister, she would be asked to do it. Because of that, she hated me. I’ve seen from her monstrous looks. Even if she didn’t like me and she didn’t like what I was doing, because I was older and she saw that I was lazy she thought, “she could be lazy too because I was.” So mom had a really hard time when we were young, we would both do the same thing when we would get asked to do things. But mothers know best, so our tricks don’t work.

And sadly, it didn’t end there. I  thought my sister that it’s okay to go home late after school and spend time with friends. I taught her that it’s okay to talk back to our parents. She knew they were wrong. But because she saw them from me, she did the same.  So when I came to know the Lord, these were the first things I had to change. It was difficult but I had to do it.

So you see, people don’t have to like what you do for you to have an influence over their lives. What you do, what you say, what you wear, who you are affects other people around you.  When you “allow” and “do” things in your life, they are like “doors” and “signs” that say  “IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I DID IT”. The trend that we see nowadays, the clothes people wear, the expressions that we hear they all became popular because someone influenced them to another.

With the media’s influence and contribution, we can define what kind of generation we have right now. We can see how we have turned away from morality. Toothpaste commercials teach us that it’s okay to kiss a stranger. Soap brands teach us to measure beauty through the color of our skin. Movies and tv shows teach us that  having an affair outside a relationship is “okay”. A song on the radio with a female singer could tell you “That she kissed a girl and she liked it.”  You can just watch your tv screens, look around you and tell it for yourself.

What I’m actually trying to say is that “we can do something.” We are responsible for our own generation. What we do today affects the generation next to us.

As I’ve said a while ago everybody has influence. I can say that because everybody has friends. Can you notice that what you always say, your friends copy? You copy who you always go out with. But the question is what have you been influencing? What have you been teaching your friends? Look around and if you don’t like what you see, be glad because you can always change things. Everytime, I see someone come to know Jesus, I get excited. Coz I know tons of things  about this person’s life are about to change. I too have seen me life changed. I can look back and hear people say that I’m a failure and I’d just get pregnant through college and I’ll never have a bright future. But because someone  told me that “I can” and I’m gonna have a bright future ahead of me. I was sorrounded with great people that influenced me to fix my life and do good. That’s why I will forever be thankful for the people who made things right and made right things during their time and passed it on my generation.


it’s our turn.


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