v       When I think about the throne of God, I think about a GLORIOUS PLACE. Bear with me, I don’t have enough knowledge about it. I haven’t read the bible entirely so I don’t exactly know if it is described in there. But there are times when I’d wonder how it looks like. Maybe it is a place surrounded by angels with a Majestic Throne where the King of Kings is seated. There would be times when I’d just think of The Father seated on His throne. And I’d realize, it’s too amazing too think of.


I’d imagine myself infront of it. Can I even come near it? I’m so sinful I know I can’t even come close.

Then I’d later realize, I am a Daughter. Which also means I am a “princess”. I am part of His family. And family members stay close together. A father does not say to his son or daughter, “Just stay right there ‘coz I’m too powerful.”, or, “I’m your dad, we have to make a distance.”

Jesus is not like that. He even left His throne and paid everthing for me to be close to Him. Which means, He wants me more than His throne.

So my thoughts would continue, and this time, when I think about His Throne, I see Him seated on it. And comes this little girl, who wants to spend time with her Daddy. She comes running to this Seat, and climbs up to sit on the lap of her Daddy God and she goes on kissing Him on the cheeks and hugs Him.


I don’t know if you’d agree with this. Thoughts like these usually comes when I’d go sweet with my Papa. I just want you to know that GOD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. He even left His throne to be with you.



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