The woman at the well.


I am guilty and I know it. I am the woman of many lovers.

Today I met God at the well. I was about to draw water from the well. I was thirsty. I had been for a long time actually. When I was about to draw water, a Man of white robe came and talked to me. I had to stop and looked at the face of that Man with the big but pure voice. He spoke gently but His voice thundered in my heart. “Will you give me a drink?”, He said.

A while ago I was about to draw water from that well because I was thirsty. I wanted to satisfy my thirst. I thought that was it. That drinking from the well will satisfy me and it’s done. I recognized He was the owner of the well. But why is He stopping me? Why is He asking me for a drink?

It felt like that. Today I went to His Presence to had a fill of God. To experience God. I was overwhelmed by the weight I carry. I felt like I was about to explode with all those emotions. I felt like the woman at the well. The woman with five husbands. When I thought I was about to enter into His Presence. He acknowledged that I was in a deep pretense.  I thought that my efforts of saying sorry and crying would bring me closer to Him. I thought that would satisfy me. Then God came in, He said, “Before you can have Me, Can I have You first?” “Before You can come into Me, Can I come into you first?” It’s like telling me that, “Yes, you want Me. But I want you more than you want Me. Before you acknowledge who you are to me, what you have done or how have you been, can I just tell you that you mean more than that?” “Can I just tell you how I’ve missed you?”

Many times we are like that. I am like that. When troubles or struggles overwhelm me, I go to God for healing. It seems like God is a doctor and we are the patients. We think that by pouring out we would get healed. By pouring out you set yourself free, but it’s by His love that you get healed. It’s His wanting and longing for you. It’s more than your acknowledgements of all the wrongs you’ve done. It’s His heart that wants to ravish you with the weight of His love. Because sometimes, that woman of five husbands knows she’s thirsty, that woman knows she’s guilty.  She may acknowledge what she has done, but it’s the Owner of the Well and the Living Water in it Who knows the real issues of her heart. You may go to God, tell Him the things you’ve done but unless God breaks your heart You will not know the real condition of your it. The woman in the well told God she has no husband. She actually has no husband but God was pointing out the how her heart went after those five issues of her life. You may not have five husbands but maybe you’ve went after things or issues that only God can exposed. Today God told me, “You went on chasing after answers of all the questions you have for your troubled heart. You thought about the answers and you forgot, I have all the answers.” It’s dangerous when going after the answers of all your problems take the place of going after God. He will answer you, He will help you and will never let you down, but “Will you give Him a drink?”


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