into the rain..


The moon is out of sight tonight. I hear them hundreds of raindrops falling on the roof. Cars were busy rushing home.  I can’t look far even if I try to look out of the window.  The voices of people around me seem to sound like the sound of the rain. This should be a happy day. Now that school is over and rest days are yet to come, this should be a happy day.  Now that I can not just stare at my pillow but give myself a luxury sleep whenever I want to, this should be a happy day. Now that the dilemmas of juggling between school and work is over and I see worry-less days ahead, this should be a happy day.

But just when you thought everything is falling right into place, you recognize something inside of you isn’t.

I see that you heart is out of somewhere. Must you be walking at the rain right now? Should I recognize you are happy or should you seem to be looking for something?

Or someone.. I guess?

I know you heart have found the missing piece. God has found you a few years back. You have felt contented before and you promised. You promised that pieces would never be missing again. No one is gonna get them from how it is shaped right after it was unpuzzled.

But I feel you heart is looking for the heart that matches yours. The one that is designed  and destined to beat as one with you.

Should I feel great because you already recognize  that now that you are complete and filled you are meant to overflow and spill out? Or should I be worried because you might be acting at the rush hour.

You, my heart is loved. The heart that matches yours, might not be with you right now, but I know he is out there somewhere, being loved, not by you at this moment, but the one who authored, something that is yet to come for you and him.

Stop walking outside at the rain. Come home to me and let’s not be sad and hold on together to the promise told for us.

You my heart, is just  lovesick. 🙂


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