Are you okay?


Take care of yourself.


I have seen a lot of people cry over a simple sentence, “How are you?” while some answer, “I don’t know.” It is crazy when you are you, and you don’t you know how have you been doing.

Some people try to cover the real issues with the things that they do. Being busy does not mean you are okay. You can be a master juggler, or a multitasker, whatever you wanna call it, go home dead tired because of a whole day of work and still find yourself empty. The truth is that you’re just gonna get yourself burned-out. You don’t wanna go at the top unhappy, right?

Sometimes people even pass on their issues to other people. That’s where gossips come out. Or betrayal, or selfishness or oppression.

Don’t neglect the issues of your heart. It is one thing to not make a big deal of emotions sometimes but it is also one thing to check your heart. Remember that “your heart  is the wellspring of life”(proverbs 4:23). Out from the heart comes the issues of life. When the water in the well is contaminated, that water is dangerous. The words that we say, the actions that we do are the manifestations of what we have in our hearts. So when your heart is not okay, your words and your actions will speak for you. Some people try to bring others down because they have jealousy inside of them. When people are negative, they are actually unhappy and when they are unhappy, they could be hurt.

Deal with it. You cannot just cover wounds with band-aid. You have to clean them and put medicine for them to heal. Some people try to cover wounds and only to find out they got bigger overtime. When the damage was bigger, it was already difficult to heal. Time does not heal. God does. When you leave the wounds open, time makes it worse. Deal with it as soon as possible. Relationships suffer because things are kept and most of the time, not dealt.

Free yourself. God wants to see you happy. And you deserve to be.   If you think things are not right, or some of your relationships are not right, and some things must be fixed. It may take time. It may cause you to gulp that one glass full of pride, but it is worth it. Believe me, it’s waaaaaaaaaay better to live a life lived in freedom. Because when you are free, you would be happy.





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